"West Queen West" parmi les rues les plus cools du continent

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"West Queen West" parmi les rues les plus cools du continent

Messagepar Tonio » Mar, 28 Juin 2016 10:22

Vous souvenez-vous ? En septembre 2014, le célèbre magazine Vogue avait classé le quartier "West Queen West" de Toronto (Queen Street West, entre Bathurst Street et Gladstone Avenue) le deuxième plus cool et hipster au monde.


Dans sa dernière étude toute fraîchement sortie, la compagnie immobilière Cushman & Wakefield a classé la rue West Queen West parmi les plus cools en Amérique du Nord.

À lire en détails : http://retailbustour.com/wp-content/upl ... Report.pdf

In 2014, Vogue named West Queen West as No. 2 on its list of the Top 15 Coolest Neighborhoods in the World. What can we say after that?

Well, a whole bunch, but space is limited. Let’s start with the basics, but this can be confusing. Queen Street West is one of Downtown Toronto’s major east-west thoroughfares, extending westward from Yonge Street through multiple neighborhoods to the Gardiner Expressway and Humber Bay (QSW Corridor). Queen Street West also refers to the upscale retail district at the eastern end of the QSW corridor near Toronto City Hall. This neighborhood is home to one of Canada’s premier malls, the CF Toronto Eaton Center, as well as dozens of local and international retail concepts. The district is a longtime center for the arts, telecommunications and culture due to its proximity to Ryerson University, The University of Toronto, and the Ontario College of Art & Design. But while this portion of the QSW corridor is certainly a “cool” street, Queen Street West is your standard urban high street marketplace today.

But it was not always that way. Queen Street West has undergone many changes over the past three decades, but this evolution has picked up steam over the past few years as residential rents skyrocketed under a wave of millennial in-migration. This priced out many of the arts and creative types that once lived in the Queen Street West neighborhood. Where did they go? A lot of them just moved on down the QSW Corridor to West Queen West. Got it? No, we didn’t think so. We define West Queen West as the neighborhood surrounding the QSW corridor between Bathurst Street and Gladstone Avenue. On this stretch of QSW you will find Canada’s largest concentration of independent art galleries, an abundance of independent boutiques, a flourishing restaurant and bar scene, and a couple of new hipster, boutique hotels. And in West Queen West, rents typically range between $30 and $60 per sf compared to rates that can top the $120 per sf mark in the tonier sections of Queen Street West). But rents are only going to climb here. Demand remains high for space in West Queen West and this Cool Street is increasingly demonstrating mainstream appeal.

Average Household Income: $92,354
Millennial Population: 75.9%

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