Mode d'emploi des tips au Canada

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Mode d'emploi des tips au Canada

Messagepar JMarie » Jeu, 14 Mar 2013 10:58

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Notes : Tipping in the service industry is compulsory. Restaurant servers, taxi drivers, hair stylists and hotel porters will all expect a tip. Leave them in cash, handing them directly to the right person whenever feasible, ensuring they get rewarded for their good work! In restaurants, tips are usually added to a communal tip pot for the rest of the staff, regardless of how much is left by the customer. If you don't tip, the server needs to add to the pot from his own pocket.

In canada, you should tip : 15-20%
Restaurants 15-20% For the waiting staff.

Hotels $2-$5 per night to the housekeepers.
$2-$5 per bag for the porters.
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